Friday promo roundup: August 14, 2020

We get a lot of digital promos at the D.U. email address, too many to give proper justice at the blog. To get through them, here’s a quick roundup. Hopefully some of the below items will strike your fancy.

The 15 items featured this week concern Anaal Nathrakh, Armored Saint, Astral Bazaar, Catholic Guilt, Chaser, The Damned, Deathnoisefrequency, Drop Top Alibi, A Fistful More of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Gargoyl, GWAR, Krief, Pig Destroyer, Redefining Darkness Records, and Wiretap Records. OK, let’s dig in to the news.

Anaal Nathrakh
The Birmingham death metal band has a new record, Endarkenment, coming out on Metal Blade Records and is up for preorder on CD, LP, and digital. The video for the title track is below.

Armored Saint
The classic metal band has a new album, Punching the Sky, also up for preorder from Metal Blade Records on CD, LP, and different bundles. Below is a video for the track “End of the Attention Span.”

Check out our Armored Saint coverage here at the blog.

Astral Bazaar
from Helsinki is a ‘70s-style prog band. The title track to the band’s upcoming album, Embrace the Reverb, is below. There’s no preorder information from Inverse Records for the album, but we can jam along to the single for now.

Catholic Guilt
from Melbourne has a pop rock sound, sort of a light pop punk thing. The band’s new EP, This is What Honesty Sounds Like, is coming out on Wiretap Records, although preorder information hasn’t been announced. The video for “A Boutique Affair” is below.

is a pop punk band from California that has released a lyric video for the track “Look Alive,” below. It’s the title track of a self-release 7” that’s already sold out on preorder (and the band donated the proceeds to charitable organizations), but the digital version is still available.

The Damned
The legendary London punk band has a new EP called The Rockfield Files up for preorder now from Search And Destroy Records/Spinefarm/UMG (apparently the EP is being released digitally). The recording sessions featured old-school Damned members David Vanian, Captain Sensible, and Paul Gray. Below is the video for the track “Keep ‘em Alive.”

is from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and the doomy band self-released its new EP, Horrid Dirge, last month on Bandcamp. Below is a video for the track “Chapter III: The Mortician’s Lamenting Dirge.”

Drop Top Alibi
from Toronto has a new ‘70s-meets-‘90s single, “Eyes For You,” and the lyric video is below. It’s unique for a lyric video in that the band appears in it. You can also get the track on Spotify and Apple Music.

A Fistful More of Rock ‘n’ Roll Volume 3
is a compilation from Screaming Crow Records compiled by one of the guys from the band Electric Frankenstein. The label boasts that the comp features “the best sweaty, beer soaked, dive bar playing bands in the world.” In any case it’s out now on CD and LP.

is a Boston band, partially notable because of a member of Revocation in its ranks. Described as “progressive grunge rock,” to D.U. it sounds like the band is doing its own take on an Opeth sound, judging by the track “Wraith” below, from the self-titled album up for preorder now on CD, LP, and digital from Season of Mist.

from Richmond, VA, is launching a variety show on the band’s YouTube channel this Sunday at 9 p.m. EST. Undead from Antarctica will feature music and guests, and a livecast will follow. A trailer is below.

Check out our GWAR coverage here at the blog.

from Montreal owes a lot to Pink Floyd, but has been releasing cool, trippy videos for Chemical Trance, the new album on Rock Ridge Music out today. There’s no information on physical formats from the label, but it’s available digitally. Below is the video for the track “I Love You Just the Same.”

Pig Destroyer
is no stranger to the pages of D.U. The band’s new EP, The Octagonal Stairway, is a collection of Adult Swim, Decibel flexi, and newly recorded noise tracks. It’s up for preorder from Relapse Records on CD, LP, and digital. Check out the hilarious video for “The Cavalry” below.

Redefining Darkness Records
is a label from Cleveland that’s got an interesting tactic: releasing demos of bands on the label roster on cassette and digital through Bandcamp. Demos are up now from Caustic Vomit, Celestial Sanctuary, Crush the Altar, Domnitor, Enwretch, Horrid Apparition, Maul, Sarcator, and Warp Chamber.

Wiretap Records
has released another in a series of benefit compilations called Attention! The latest, ATTENTION! A Wiretap Records Charity Compilation, is up for “name your price” on Bandcamp and proceeds benefit the ACLU.

That’s all for this week. Check out our previous promo roundups, and have a good weekend.


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