Doro returns with “Magic Diamonds – Best of Rock, Ballads & Rare Treasures” box set

Doro has released a 3 CD, 4 LP box set of live tracks, alternate song versions, covers, duets, and deep cuts from her solo career and her days in Warlock, Rare Diamonds Productions. Magic Diamonds – Best of Rock, Ballads & Rare Treasures is organized as the name suggests: “Best of Rock,” “Best of Ballads,” and “Rare Treasures” sections, which is good when, say, you want to rock out one day and chill out another. Check out the trailer for the set below.

Magic Diamonds is available on digital as well, and the LP box comes with the “Rare Treasures” content on a CD. Outside of North America, the CD set comes with Doro’s signature perfume and scarf. Shop for the format of your choice.

Doro is perhaps best known for the Warlock album Triumph and Agony, which made a splash in the metal scene when it came out in the ’80s, but she’s been consistently banging out solo albums since then.

“I make music to give people joy, hope, and positive energy,” Doro said in a press release. We could all use some of that these days, and what better way than through the powerhouse vocals of Doro.

Photo: Jochen Rolfes



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