Disposable Underground music newsletter for June ūüć® June 1, 2024

Welcome back to the¬†Disposable Underground¬†newsletter, a companion to my blog of the same name. Read on for some music news bits, tributes, and the latest¬†at the blog. Please enjoy‚ÄĒRichard

Music News

Music AI Sandbox is another app, this time from Google and YouTube, that again lets you create music clips from scratch using text inputs. Daniel Tencer has the details at Music Business Worldwide.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse¬†is on tour and is setting up¬†‚ÄúLove Earth Village‚Ä̬†tents at the shows, with the themes of earth ecology, future of farming, energy and climate, freedom and justice, Rock the Vote, and more. Young is no stranger to activism and is on his ‚ÄúLove Earth‚ÄĚ tour.

In the time after he left the band the second time,¬†Blacky, formerly of Voivod, has been taking old Voivod demos and live recordings¬†on which he had played and releasing them on his label. Publicly, Voivod seemed to ignore this, but after Blacky (or Jean-Yves Th√©riault) released an old Voivod demo he didn‚Äôt even play on, it was the last straw and¬†the band released a statement¬†expressing their displeasure. The release¬†‚Äúput us over the edge,‚ÄĚ the band wrote.

Sarah Tudzin of the Illuminati Hotties sang on a song for an episode of Ahsoka which has a good beat to it.

Rest In Peace

Tomas Viator passed away in May. He played in the bands Disincarnate, Astaroth, and Acid Bath among others. His former bandmate James Murphy posted a remembrance on Facebook.

Steve Albini died of a heart attack in May, Jem Aswad writes for Variety. The tributes to the storied engineer and musician came in from all over the Internet, from fans of Big Black and Shellac and his no-holds-barred attitude and his classic recording work.

Dennis Thompson, the drummer for the MC5, died at 75 in May following health problems. He was the last surviving member of the original lineup, Brian McCollum writes for Detroit Free Press.

Mike ‚ÄúBam Bam‚ÄĚ Sversvold¬†was the original drummer of JFA. He died in May at the age of 57. JFA started in 1981,¬†Ed Masley writes for¬†Arizona Republic, and Sversvold ‚Äúwas made to play punk rock,‚ÄĚ vocalist Brian Brannon said.

Doug Ingle, co-founder of Iron Butterfly, died in May at 78, Evan Rosen writes for The Seattle Times. Ingle was the last surviving member of the OG Iron Butterfly lineup.

Brad Raub passed away in May at 36. He played bass in Eternal Champion and Sumerlands, among other bands, Danielle Chelosky writes for Stereogum.

New at the Blog

Iranian rapper Toomaj Salehi receives death sentence. Toomaj Salehi is a supporter of the Women, Life, Freedom movement in Iran and is being persecuted for it.

The G-Anx/Filthy Christians split 7″ is a slice of Swedish hardcore history. All these years later, the EP is still aggressive and clearly influential.

Burn After Hearing is the out-there compilation you may have been looking for. Yes, NEF100: Burn After Hearing is a wild, varied compilation, sure to please some people.

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