“Burn After Hearing” is the out-there compilation you may have been looking for

"Burn After Hearing" album cover

Nefarious Industries has put out 100 releases and is throwing itself a party in the form of NEF100: Burn After Hearing, a compilation of 14 exclusive tracks from bands with which the label has worked.

The music is quite varied, from metal to prog to rock ‘n’ roll to electronic and noise. Some of the songs have lyrics (good lyrics at that) and some don’t.

A few of the bands on the record have done videos for their tracks. Here’s Gridfailure with “Blades and Arson Instead”:

And here’s Gematria with “Black Gate No. 1”:

And Bedtimemagic has a video for “The Slumber Party (Part I)”:

Interestingly, Fuck Your Birthday shared a live-in-the-studio version of its song “House of 1000 Corners”:

These tracks should give you a bit of an idea of how varied this compilation is. Burn After Hearing is up for preorder now and will be out on Bandcamp and on LP, limited to 300, and on digipak CD and cassette, limited to 100 each, on June 14, 2024.

Here’s the track listing for the record:

EL DRUGSTORE – Rural Ecstasy
THE DRX – Diamond Maker
ARBOGAST – Purgative
RISK RELAY – Intervention Undivine
PSYCHOSOMATIC – Green River (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)
ZVI – Twocelled
GEMATRIA – Black Gate No. 1
BEDTIMEMAGIC – The Slumber Party (Part I)
GRIDFAILURE – Blades And Arson Instead
FUCK YOUR BIRTHDAY – House Of 1000 Corners
CINEMA CINEMA – Nose-Level Collision
ZEVIOUS – Death Wind


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