Disposable Underground music newsletter for July 4th 💥🌭🚀 July 4, 2024

Happy Independence Day. Welcome back to the Disposable Underground newsletter, a companion to my blog of the same name. Read on for some music news bits, tributes, and the latest at the blog. Please enjoy—Richard

Music News

When some climate activists spray-painted Stonehenge last month, Liam Gallagher was not supportive. “Don’t fuck with the stones man,” he tweeted.

Gabriel Boric, the president of Chile, recently visited Swedish prime minister Ulf Kristersson and received a gift of a bunch of vinyl. At Metal Injection, Greg Kennelty noted that the vinyl haul included records by Meshuggah, HammerFall, and In Flames, among other bands.

The old-school Canadian thrash band DBC has released two singles this month. Back in the late ‘80s I listened to their two albums more times than I can count, so this is good news in my book. The singles are below.

“Sirens” by Dead Brain Cells
“Pendulum” by Dead Brain Cells

Rest in Peace

Chuck Roberts, “the voice of house music,” passed away last month. He was known in that scene for a 1987 sermon used in many tracks, Terry Matthew writes at 5mag.net.

Brother Marquis of 2 Live Crew died last month at 58, Noor Nanji writes at BBC. The rap band was at the forefront of free speech battles in the U.S. in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s and became a household name.

James Chance was a prominent member of New York’s no wave scene and died last month at 71. His official Facebook page posted a remembrance.

Ranchi Sironi, bassist of the psychedelic rock band Nebula, died last month. He was 32. The Obelisk has some details.

Julien Terzics of Parisian “street punk” band Brigada Flores Magon died in July. The drummer and the rest of the band were noted for their antifascist work. PM Press posted a tribute.

New at the Blog

Melt-Banana brings the noise with new album 3+5 and first single “Flipside.” Read a music review of the new Melt-Banana album, watch the promotional videos, listen to the new single, and scan the tour dates.

Black Tusk is hitting the road to promote The Way Forward, which is a great metal album, and if the band was playing near me, I’d go see the show.

Nest builds new music on Endeavors. Here’s a review of the new album from the band Nest, along with a comment from the band’s live drummer about the groove of the music.

Visit the Disposable Underground blog for more. Have a good holiday.


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