Did you miss us? Here’s your newsletter: June 25, 2018

Welcome back to the Disposable Underground newsletter. Here’s what’s happened at the blog this past week.

A new band from Baltimore is called Tombtoker, and the guitar player, a friend of mine, asked me to review his band’s recording. He wrote, “How do I submit this for review?” and pasted a link to the Tombtoker Bandcamp. And I replied, “That’ll do ‘er.”

Now playing: Lilliput compilation from 4AD Records. There’s a ton of cool bands over two discs and fancy packaging with a booklet. I bought it at the local used record store, so I assumed the tape pulled over the cover and the spine was a repair job from the previous owner, but it turns out that’s how the book was packaged. Interesting.

Featured video this week is of the mighty Voivod. The band announced that it wrapped up recording of its latest, to-be-released album, so while we wait for it come out, we can watch a clip of them tearing it up live. 

We’ll have more info on what’s new next time. Thanks.


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