Compilations for free download, 2019 edition

Happy Xmas eve, second day of Hanukkah, and all the rest of the holidays. Here’s our annual rundown of free compilations that are yours for the downloading.

The Relapse Sampler 2019 is chock full of death metal, noise, doom, and other genres and is up on Bandcamp. If you choose to pay for it, Relapse will donate the proceeds to Rock To The Future, a music education non-profit.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has the 2019 Full Year In Review: 42 Track Free Bandcamp Sampler up on Bandcamp, as the title implies, as well. This one features at least two bands local to the D.C. Metro area: No/Más and M.S.D.

Paranoid Beast Promotions has put two compilations up for name your price on Bandcamp, Vol. 1: Birth Of The Beast—The New Age Of Irish Heavy Metal and Vol 2: Evil Eye Of Doom—The New Age Of Irish Heavy Metal. Paranoid Beast says on the site, “We have an abundance of talent in Ireland at the moment and it is our aim … to raise the profile of metal in the country.”

Fecking Bahamas has also released a region-specific compilation, Fecking Bahamas VII. Portugal, which you can download from its website. It features a wide variety of styles, including punk and hardcore.

Zanderjaz has released a compilation of tracks from various and global hip hop artists that have used Zanderjaz beats. Download the Isso Beats Volume 1 Mixtape from the Zanderjaz website.

Adult Swim has a wonderfully varied compilation called NOISE that features Merzbow and Melt-Banana, among many other artists. Although it came out a few years ago, it’s news to D.U. and it’s still up for free download (along with some other free compilations) at the Adult Swim website.

And finally, D.U. usually restricts its writing to death metal and grindcore, but we did stumble across a funk and electronic compilation from Stereo Phonk called Free Download 2019 Compilation, also on Bandcamp. It’s good to vary the palate once in a while.

There’s a lot more out there online too. And check out our past editions of free online compilation posts.


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