Weekend Nachos reviews: “Black Earth” and “Worthless”

Black Earth
One of those “mix bag” 7”es, Black Earth contains some previously released tracks, a different version, and a new song. Weekend Nachos continues to impress with their grind, doom riffs, and d-beats, and not to mention the lyrics, that one can understand if not relate to completely. And they’re pissed off. D.U. never realized how much of a hardcore edge the band has until seeing them at the A389 anniversary thingy, where there was plenty of hardcore and grindcore mixed up. With all good vinyl, this comes with a download code so you can rock the mp3s.
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The lyrics on this record are interesting. Many of them seem to be either from the band’s perspective or from somebody else’s that they’re taking, but which is which? There’s interpersonal observations, comments on the underground scene, and a bit of politics. Mostly, Weekend Nachos are pissed off: “Fuck homophobia / Fuck intolerant culture / And fuck you” from “Dubviolence.”

Musically, it’s straight up d-beats and blast beats, plus mid-paced rocking and plenty of slow beatdown doom. With the song arrangements, Weekend Nachos mixes it up a little to avoid the verse-chorus structure, which is nice for a breath of fresh air. This is a solid band. They’ve some hype, and they deserve any praise that they get.
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