The Troops of Doom return with “The Absence of Light”

D.U. is always ready and willing to post Sepultura-related content. This time it’s about founding member Jairo “Tormentor” Guedz and his band The Troops of Doom. The group has a new EP called The Absence of Light coming out this month.

Guedz is joined by members of the bands Enterro, Southern Blacklist, and Patria. The guys have turned in the mid-paced headbanger “The Monarch,” featuring none other than Jeff Becerra of Possessed on guest vocals; a fast thrash attack called “The Devil’s Tail”; a cover of the O.G. Sepultura song “The Antichrist”; and the title track, a classical music intro that’s very cinematic. Finally, there’s demo versions of the first two metal songs.

Here’s a trailer for the EP:

The Absence of Light is up for preorder on digital from Blood Blast and on CD from Metalized Records, vinyl from Hellven Records and Voice Music, and cassette from Repulsive Echo Records. It’s coming out on September 17, 2021.

Prepared to get pummeled by this killer old-school Brazilian metal EP.

While you’re at it, crank up the band’s first EP from 2020, The Rise of Heresy:

Photo: Earsplit PR


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