Looking back at techno from Frankfurt Beat Productions

We received a few CDs for review from Frankfurt Beat Productions back in 1994 and didn’t think all that much of them in our ‘zine reviews from the time, but that’s probably because D.U. was too focused on death metal and grindcore back then.

We’re a bit more open minded now and have listened back to one of the releases, a 2-CD, 22-track compilation called Universe: The Tribal Gathering 94. It’s a fun, cool trip back in time to mostly instrumental techno designed to get both the body and the rave moving. (One surprising exception is “When the Music Starts” by Lenny Dee, which has more of the aggression of, say, Atari Teenage Riot.)

Give it a spin:

Frankfurt Beat Productions from Germany put out a ton of records back in the ’90s. If you’re looking for a physical copy of this one, here’s the Discogs listing.

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