The Senders show their legacy with the collection “All Killer No Filler (1977-2001)”

The Senders was a rock ‘n’ roll band that was “raw, greasy and fabulous,” with “all greasy D.A.s, bespoke sharkskin suits and cockroach killer shoes,” the liner notes of the band’s new collection says. All Killer No Filler (1977-2001) is two discs’ worth of classic NYC rock.

The set features one disc full of rare and unreleased and live tracks while the second contains the Seven Song Super Single and songs from a live set in 1978 (with accompaniment from Johnny Thunders), so it looks like a must for fans of the band and it’s a good, broad introduction for those of us (like me) who never had the pleasure. Some of the tracks are old school, going into rockabilly and R&B, while others feature a harmonica or the sax, or are raw, or are slow, or are upbeat.

All Killer No Filler is out now on Left For Dead Records on LP, CD, and digital.

Photos: Left For Dead Records


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