The backlash against Spotify kicked off by Neil Young

Neil Young is no stranger to politics or speaking his mind, and he got his catalog pulled off Spotify last month after issuing an ultimatum: either Joe Rogan goes or he does.

Joni Mitchell followed soon after, as well as Nils Lofgren, India.Arie, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, and the band Failure. These artists have a problem with Rogan’s COVID misinformation on his podcast that Spotify carries.

The band Belly changed their Spotify header to a #DeleteSpotify message and is trying to get its music pulled from the platform. Belly is also one of other bands expanding the hashtagged conversation to include meager artist compensation from Spotify and other streaming services, but they’re also on board with Young’s point about content:

Belly shared #DeleteSpotify graphics on Twitter for any artist that would like to use them: a rectangular version and a square version.

Travis Andrews spoke to the band and others about this moment at the Washington Post.

David Crosby, of CSNY, tweeted that he’s trying to reach Taylor Swift. He later added to that tweet:

Related: we posted about the Justice at Spotify campaign, from the Union of Musicians and Allied Workers.

Photo: Andrea Barsanti


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