Steve Moore of Zombi has more collaborative music for us

If you’re a fan of John Carpenter’s soundtracks and solo records like me, you’ll appreciate Zombi too. And one of the guys from Zombi, Steve Moore, has a new collaboration with Overcalc (which is Nick Skrobisz of Multicult).

Moore’s music isn’t all that far removed from that wellspring of inspiration John Carpenter, so the collaboration, a five-track instrumental 12″ called Calyx, shines the most when he’s involved. Overcalc sounds familiar, like what Skrobisz would naturally do in an instrumental project. The spastic nature of the material recalls his guitar work in Multicult and The Wayward.

On side A, there’s the title track, which comes from both Moore and Overcalc, then a track from Moore and a track from Overcalc, and then on side B each one remixes the other’s side A track.

Calyx is out now on digital and LP from Bandcamp on Sleeping Giant Glossolalia Records.


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