False Fed breaks heads with “Let Them Eat Fake”

With members of Discharge and Amebix among others, the band False Fed has the background to put out some UK-informed goth rock with crusty, tribal sensibility.

When working on its album Let Them Eat Fake, the band kept things in-house, writing the record and the drummer producing and mixing. Neurot Recordings, often a stamp of quality, released the record on LP, CD, and digital in October.

Let The Eat Fake has a lot of creepy vocal effects and the songs also have a creep that you can slow-headbang to. The songs don’t shift into high speed; instead there’s a general mid-paced simmer which works very well. The riffs, drums, and minimal keyboards help create and overcast atmosphere, but the singer is the real key.

The band is going more for a sour, black leather note than the soaring choruses from a band like, say, Tau Cross. There might be some Amebix-isms that these grizzled dudes have brought to the songs, and being proper UK musicians that play this kind of music there’s a strong Killing Joke influence on songs such as “Dreadful Necessities” and “The Tyrant Dies.”

The band has release a couple of videos, a lyric video for “The Tyrant Dies” …

… and a well-done music video for “Echoes of Compromise.”

With the excellent cover art and the images in the lyric video, it looks like Force Fed is raging against governments, militaries, and institutions the world over. And they’d better not get in the band’s way; Force Fed is liable to stomp them.


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  1. Another collective try out ,covid esq’ … Cover band comes to mind ,fronted with the very non legendary wannabe karaoke yawper .
    Sounds all like Neurosis on a bad day ,nothing original here ,nothing will be missed .

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