Sloth Herder “Abandon Pop Sensibility” review

Holy shit, I love this band. Sloth Herder have (perhaps unknowingly) assimilated the hulking dissonance of Souls At Zero-era Neurosis, the lysergic power violence of Gasp and the idiosyncratic hardcore of Shikabane, churning out a lumbering hell-beast of an EP in Abandon Pop Sensibility that demands attention. Individually, each of the five songs evokes its own murderous mood, a rare accomplishment (to these ears, at least) and it’s a credit to Sloth Herder that they can comfortably vacillate between Discordance Axis-y grind bludgeoning (“Cowards Of the New Age”) to the epic, doom-laden riff that kicks off the bowel-loosening “Dug Up.” The production is nice and raw, which suits the material perfectly, along with a pummeling bass loud in the mix, just as it should be! Also,the name Sloth Herder rules. Bottom line, check this shit out immediately or you’re a complete asshole!

Short Attention Span Summary
Pros: Potent blend of dissonant grind, sludge and power violence
Cons: Too fucking short!
By Mason

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