Discordance Axis on Bandcamp

We’ve posted about long-gone bands putting their records up on Bandcamp, but we have a particular love for the long-gone Discordance Axis. On their Bandcamp page, they have a treasure trove of music for streaming and purchase:

  • Our Last Day compilation, featuring covers and a remix by Merzbow
  • Original Sound Version 1992-1995 compilation, containing the first album Ulterior and various bonus, live, rehearsal, and EP tracks
  • Jouhou, which has the album of the same name and EP tracks
  • The Inalienable Dreamless, which is the last studio album

Not only that, but Hydra Head Records has a limited number of double-LP versions of Jouhou.

Related: We previously posted about the book detailing the making of the last album and guitar tablature. And we interviewed Discordance Axis in archive ‘zine issue #39 back in 2004.


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