Sick Of It All posts “Quarantine Session” videos and its albums on YouTube

The classic NYHC band Sick Of It All has been keeping busy during COVID-19. The band has been releasing “Quarantine Session” performance videos on its YouTube channel. So far the songs, in order of release, are:
“The Bland Within”
“Paper Tiger”
“Hardcore Horseshoe”
“Never Back Down”

The latest video is below. See the rest on YouTube.

But that’s not all. The guys have also tossed most of their discography on the channel as playlists. The list (in discography order, latest first):
Wake the Sleeping Dragon!
When the Smoke Clears
Last Act of Defiance
Non Stop
Based On A True Story
Death to Tyrants
Life on the Ropes
Live In A Dive
Yours Truly
Call to Arms
Potential For A Fall
Dragon Power
(this one came out the same year as Built to Last)
Built to Last
Scratch the Surface
Just Look Around
Blood, Sweat, and No Tears
Sick Of It All

Check them all out on YouTube. And speaking of Sick Of It All, check out our classic interview with the band here at the blog.


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