Cathedral posts rare footage online

In our last blog post, we talked about Sick Of It All adding loads of content to its YouTube page. Now, Cathedral is getting into comparable activity, which is notable since the band broke up in 2013 upon the release of its final album The Last Spire.

This week, the band announced on social media that “Lee and Gaz have recently been trolling through their archives and are in the process of getting some old 8mm, Video 8, VHS and Mini DV clips transferred. A lot of this cool stuff will be added to the Cathedral Youtube channel in the coming months.”

The band has already posted four rare videos, one of which that was blocked in the U.S. for copyright reasons. Have a look at the band’s YouTube channel and keep visiting for more content.

Check out our other Cathedral coverage while you’re at it. Live photos from 2011 and 1993 at our Tumblr page, and our interview with the band in archive ‘zine issue #30, page 3, from 2004. Enjoy!


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