Savage Lands plays metal for the sake of the forests

Savage Lands

Dirk Verbeuren and Sylvain Demercastel used to play in the band Artsonic together, and now they’re teaming back up for music as well as a cause.

Savage Lands is a nonprofit that so far has preserved rainforest in Costa Rica. The group partners with other non-profits, scientists, engineers, and, just as importantly, metalheads to do things like build nature sanctuaries and save endangered lands.

Besides doing auctions for concert tickets and unique music equipment, one of the ways the guys raise money for all this is by releasing new music. Savage Lands has partnered with the label Season of Mist and shot a video for “The Last Howl,” which features Andreas Kisser from Sepultura and John Tardy of Obituary, among others. Watch the video below.

Metal bands sometimes sing about environmental destruction, but now there’s a new way to do something about it. For more info on Savage Lands and to get involved if you so desire, head to the group’s website.

Photo: Gornoss


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