Hans Zimmer’s “Dune: Part Two” released on digital

I had a couple friends over to the house not too long ago and one remarked that I had “a bunch of Dune shit” all over the place. It’s true that I’m a Dune freak and just yesterday watched Dune: Part Two on opening night.

Being such a fan of composer Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack of Part One as well, I was glad to see that Part Two‘s soundtrack is out on digital now.

Prior to the whole record’s release, WaterTower put out two tracks on YouTube:

“A Time of Quiet Between the Storms”

“Harvester Attack”

It sounds good so far. Listen to the entire soundtrack on the digital platform of choice.

But what about a physical release? Preorders are up now at Mutant for 2x LP with quadruple-panel foldout or 2x CD.


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