Poll: with Lombardo out of Slayer (again), Bostaph is back in (again)

Slayer has announced on their website that Paul Bostaph has rejoined the band on drums. Bostaph had replaced original drummer Dave Lombardo before, playing on older Slayer records, touring, and appearing on a DVD.

Lombardo posted on his Facebook page on February 20, airing dirty laundry about being kicked out of the band over money disputes, and Slayer released a lawyerly statement with their side of it shortly thereafter. It was unclear at the time whether Lombardo was going to rejoin, but with Bostaph touring with the band as of this writing, and Lombardo recording a new album with his band PHILM, this seems a good time to assess things.

So what's your reaction to the Slayer news of Dave Lombardo getting the boot and Paul Bostaph rejoining?

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Photo: from Lombardo’s Facebook.


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