Pigeon Down “Left Unsaid” demo review

Left Unsaid was a three-piece from Virginia that released several demos and splits, and their last work, Terrorism & War, was their best. The songs were choppy, with blasts, grooves, clean and crunching riffs, and a mix of melodic and angry, yelled vocals. The drummer would lay into his drums or lay back, depending on the mood of the passage, to great effect, but the uniqueness was in the way the guys put the songs together and the guitarist’s writing and playing style. (And D.U. has an acoustic project with said guitarist, by the way.) The guys’ roots were found in part in mathcore and screamo, but few of the negative aspects of those genres were present here.

Years later, the boys got back together as Pigeon Down, and their music bears great resemblance to Left Unsaid, except the songs are more compact and lots more pissed off. They recorded and mixed their demo in a day, and instead of sounding rushed, it sounds energetic and vital. It’s up for free on Bandcamp. D.U. recommends downloading it, and getting in touch with them and asking how to get Terrorism & War while you’re at it.


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