Music ’zine archives online

There must be several archives of metal music ’zines online, and one of note is from Death Metal Underground. They’ve put up a simple index of links organized by language to downloadable .rar files, each packed with JPGs and PDFs of the pages of the zines they scanned. Death Metal Underground bills itself as “the ultimate death metal resource.”

Another is the site Send Back My Stamps! which is run by Jason from Misery Index, whom we previously interviewed about his band. With this site, Jason puts up JPGs of each page of a zine, but adds a brief description and thumbnails of the pages. Jason used to run the political site, which he put on hiatus, but we ran an interview with him in an archive issue of D.U. when Demockery was still active.

If anyone has ’zine archive sites they’d like to recommend, please feel free to post the URLs in the comments. In the meantime, happy reading!



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