New Antigama album “The Insolent” coming up: interview

We’re big fans of the Polish group Antigama, who in the past have described themselves as “avant grind.” There’s been some activity with them lately, like getting ready to come to the States and play Maryland Deathfest, and completing a new full-length record. It’s going to be called The Insolent.

Pawel Grabowski produced the record—he also produced the last one, Meteor. Speaking by email, guitarist Sebastian Rokicki added, “Scott Hull has made another killer mastering. We’re happy to work with these gentlemen again. They’ve done a killer job on The Insolent.”

The band recorded at Grabowski’s studio, “Just one floor away from our rehearsal space, so we are kind of lucky not to have to drive our gear around.”


But what about the music? Rokicki explained, “It all sounds fast, experimental and abstract. It’s hard to talk about own music. I’m sure people who like our previous stuff will be chuffed about the new songs.” He continued, “It definitely sounds like Antigama, but every time with a different musical approach. You can call it grindcore or whatever you want. It’s music. For us The Insolent is another important step in our mission over universe and out beyond.”

That sounds lofty, but it makes sense with a band like Antigama. The Insolent is out via Selfmadegod on May 7 on various formats.


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