Antigama interview: “Stop the Chaos”

Antigama is an “avant grind” band from Warsaw, Poland. It’s a fitting description, since the grindcore they play and the soundscapes they create are anything but ordinary. The band has released several full-length records and numerous splits (including one with your humble editor’s band) and has toured Europe and the States, so it’s high time they were interviewed here.

The latest release is Stop the Chaos, an EP on Selfmadegod Records. Via email from Poland, Sebastian, the founding member and guitarist, brings us up to date on his band.

“Last year we’ve gone through heavy line-up changes. Since the beginning with Pawel on drums [a recent member of the band] the chemistry between us has been great and we’ve made the new songs very quickly. First we planned to record just 2-3 songs for a 3-way split w/ Noisear and The Kill. But we’ve made more new songs and decided to put out also a full EP. It is out now because Karol from Selfmadegod was very keen on this idea, so now we’re waiting for the split—he’s not out yet!

“Michal [on bass] has been with the band for two years now. He’s a young and crazy guy and goes perfectly with the band …. His father is also a bass player and plays in the Polish progressive band called Believe so Michal knows things pretty well. We’re very happy about all that!”

“E Conspectu” from Stop the Chaos sounds more like a “normal” grindcore song, which is atypical for Antigama.

“Yes, definitely. I know what you mean. ‘E Conspectu’ may sound like Napalm at times. Well, what can I say? I think you know very well that I’m Bill Steer/Mick Harris’ pupil! [laughs] Seriously speaking, I think that Stop the Chaos is still very Antigama’s music: fast, heavy, twisted and aggressive, with good songs and cool production. We love the sound on Stop the Chaos.”

Note: Producer Szymon Czech, who recorded the EP, as well as other Antigama records, and spent time in the band on bass, died in November 2012, after the release of Stop the Chaos.

Moving on, music critics liked the last two Antigama full-lengths, Resonance and Warning. But as for the fans, Sebastian says, “I think they like Resonance more, and to be honest it’s also my best Antigama’s record from the past. With Warning I think they didn’t like Patryk’s voice so much. He came from a different musical environment but helped us a lot in the times when [original vocalist] Łukasz wasn’t there in the band. I think people prefer Łukasz on the mic, and I’m glad it’s possible again.”

And to wrap up the interview with a quick Q&A:

D.U.: Do you rip off Voivod and Napalm Death as much as I do? Please choose one:

A. Yes, about the same.
B. Yes, if not more so, but I do a better job of hiding it.
C. No, I play avantgrind—I’ve gone beyond Voivod and Napalm Death.

Sebastian: “I think it will be A and little bit of B. Ha!”

Stop the Chaos is available from Selfmadegod Records, and there’s even a deluxe edition that’s boxed and features a sticker and a pin, but is limited to 100 copies. Get it while it’s hot.

Antigama’s official page

Photos courtesy Maciej Mutwil


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