Loculus “Sinew” review

Recorded in northern Virginia, Sinew is four songs of technical death metal, the product of one dude who brought in a couple of other dudes to complete a recording lineup. No bass. And with this kind of stuff, he must have thought bass wasn’t necessary. If a bassist was possibly going to just play what the guitarist plays, then sure, it wouldn’t be necessary. Triplets, palm muting, leads with some whammy bar, pinched harmonics, fast parts lead by the snare, guttural vocals: that’s what you’ll find on this EP.

The lyrics are about torturing and gutting and all the rest of it, if not with a chainsaw then by other means. One song is specific about a victim’s eyes. The heartfelt thanks list sitting in the next panel of the booklet stands out, however. There’s nothing unfamiliar about a death metal musician being a sweet person when their guitar isn’t strapped on, but Loculus’ leader is especially appreciative and thankful, a person to whom family and friends are evidently important. More power to him.


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