Listen to environmental-themed music using helpful lists

If you ever feel a hankering for music with a green edge, there’s a few lists to help you find the right one.

Last year, Lucy Jones wrote the piece “12 beautifully poetic lyrics about nature” for NME, with her list including the likes of Radiohead, Björk, Bob Dylan, and Pixies.

Thomas Kivi wrote at length about environmental themes in his interesting piece “An Environmental Playlist of the Twentieth Century” for the website Edge Effects. He name-drops Woodie Guthrie, Genesis, Lead Belly, Bob Marley, and many others, and he set up a Spotify playlist to accompany his writing.

Cybele Knowles from the Center for Biological Diversity had a different angle with her “7 Songs for the Anthropocene” at Her list includes Ministry, Mos Def, X-Ray Spex, and Nick Cave. She’s got a companion Spotify playlist linked as well.

Over at Ultimate Guitar, there’s the Top 25 Best Rock/Metal Environmental Songs Ever, which includes hundreds of posts in the comments section with reader suggestions and an “honorable mention” list at the top.

In Washington DC last year, there was a hip hop show focusing on UN sustainable development goals, Linda Pool wrote for City Lab: “Eight social entrepreneurs focusing on issues like clean energy, waste, and education for the incarcerated were paired with underground rappers to translate their cause and the stories of their work into moving verses.”

Finally, if we’re going to talk about lists, we need to link Wikipedia’s list of songs about the environment.


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