Compilations for free download, 2018 edition

Here’s a quick roundup of a few compilations that are available online for free this year.

Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, has a comp called Burned in the Oven: Volume 2, coming from its radio station CJLO 1690AM. The comp is described as a metal and “loud rock” collection. All 13 tracks are listed as “live at CJLO.” Check it out on Bandcamp.

The German metal festival Wacken has a comp of Canadian bands that are competing to play this year. Wacken Metal Batttle Canada Compilation Vol. 5 features 48 tracks, and the Bandcamp page has the bands grouped into hometowns.

Rockstar Records, also from Germany, has a 20-track compilation, also on Bandcamp, called Free Compilation Spring 2018. It’s a wide-ranging release, with punk rock, garage, alternative, pop punk, pop, and country, but mostly punk rock.

Fact Magazine reports that the London, UK club and label Boxed put out a free comp celebrating its five-year anniversary. The description from Boxed for the comp, Boxed V, says that it’s “surveying the best in new instrumental 140 and grime.” Interesting stuff since we don’t know anything about that scene.

Finally, we noticed that Amazon has a bunch of free music too of various types, some of which are compilations.


Our previous lists of (mostly metal) comps are from 2012 | 2013 | 2015.

Note: Dewar PR commented in our latter post that they have a few free comps too.



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