Kowloon Walled City member releases Interesting Times Gang album “Beats, No Rhymes, No Life”

Interesting Times Gang, the project from Ian Miller of Kowloon Walled City, is sending a message about its influences with the cover and title of its album Beats, No Rhymes, No Life, a riff on an album from A Tribe Called Quest.

There’s a lot of entertaining variety in the songs, tons of interesting sounds and samples, and influences from electronic music, hip hop, bands like Zombi, and other things that D.U. probably doesn’t even recognize.

In the press release, Miller said, “I’ve been obsessed with making beats since I first heard Public Enemy. I bought an Alesis HR-16, then an MPC 2000, and then moved everything onto the computer when that became feasible.”

Check out the album track “Postfontaine”:

Beats, No Rhymes, No Life is coming out digitally on Pax Aeternum on October 15. Watch for it—the album’s great.

Photo: Julia Lancer


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