Inverted interview – 1993

Originally published in ‘zine issue #9, 1993

Inverted from Sweden is a great death metal band that has two demos out, Tales of Estaban and Heaven Defied. Write Kristian Hasselhuhn, the drummer. Below my pal Kristian fills me in on what’s been up lately.

D.U.: Inverted seems to have a Satanic bent. You said some of your songs are anti-religion, but specifically are they anti-Christian or are they against all religion in general?

Kristian: Well, I would say our songs are against all sorts of money-minded religions and especially Christianity. I don’t really see our band as a Satanic band. More like an occult/dark band with songs about darkness, death, evil, and blasphemy. We don’t worship any Satan or God. It’s more to show that there are a lot of dark and evil things on the Earth that we don’t know anything about. And that you shall do what you want yourself and don’t let any other people with their god tell you what to do! Blasphemy! Hail darkness.

Do you feel Satanic death metal bands are just as justified in promoting their religious views as Christian death metal bands?

I think that as long as you just telling the listeners what you believe in and giving them your view of things, it doesn’t matter what ever you sing about. But I don’t like those Christian death metal bands singing about God and that you shall devote your life to him. They are not in the scene for the music. They are only there to find some more stupid people for their church. Still, there are Christian death metal bands that are quite okay as long as they’re not telling you what to do. Sorry, I don’t think I answered your question at all?

Should bands have something constructive to say, since people are hopefully reading their lyrics, or is music just entertainment?

I think it depends a lot on what sort of music you play. Well, it’s up to yourself and what you write. Still, when it comes to death or black metal, I think the vocals/voice are mainly there to create a dark and brutal feeling. The music is more important, at least for us.

Photo of the band Inverted

Why don’t you include your lyrics with the demos?

Well, on the first demo, we didn’t think about it until the cover was already printed, and on the second demo, we didn’t want to have the lyrics with, ‘cause we wanted it to be a little mystical. I mean, we didn’t want to show everything. Let the listener’s mind decide what they hear. I don’t know if we will ever print the lyrics. Perhaps sometime in the future.

Do you agree with the idea of Sweden joining the European Community?

Personally, I don’t care, ‘cause I don’t think there will be any major differences at all. Well, it would be easier to travel inside Europe, and I guess the alcohol would be cheaper—cheers!—but besides that, I don’t give a shit.

“Remember, true death metal only dies for the trendies.”

You said that very much has happened with your band since our last interview. Talk about the lineup change, new releases, mini-tours, and so on.

Yea, a lot! After we recorded our second demo in April ‘92, we did a mini tour in Poland that was really great. Well, after rehearsing and playing a lot live, in October ‘92 we parted way with original vocalist Joakim, because that he didn’t show up on the rehearsals and also because of musical differences. Tommy Parkkonen (from Sacretomia) were stand in for a few months until we found a new singer, Nicklas Persson. He was a member from December ‘92 to May ‘93. Then he suddenly leaved the band, because he was not interested in traveling to other cities to play. So he was replaced the same day by Henric Heed (ex-Cabal Obscurity), and until now it have worked out great. So after all this trouble, it looks like we finally got a stable lineup again.

Well, under this time we’ve of course written new material too, and in April ‘93 we signed a mini-CD deal with Wild Rags Records. And they have also reprinted our second demo with one bonus song and new cover. Buy it from my address for six U.S. dollars. The recording take place in August/September ‘93. The title of CD will be Revocation of the Beast, and it will include four tracks. It’ll be released in the end of this year.

How is your Voice of Death distribution?

The interest is growing all the time! I’ve get lots of orders and also a lot of demos, 7”es, and ‘zines from people wanting to have some distribution. Too bad I can’t help all of them, but at least I help out some of them. Anyone interested in having my latest list should send me one IRC or one U.S. dollar for postage.

In your opinion, is death metal dying just as thrash died?

No, I don’t think so. It will not “die” like thrash once did. Remember, true death metal only dies for the trendies. The underground has grown so strong today that I think it will exist for many years still.

Is there anything to add?

Yes, first of all, megathanx to you, Richard, for your endless support. Anyone interested out there, free to write me. Please, if possible, include one U.S. dollar or one IRC for a sure reply. Support underground and stay dark! ■

Photo: Inverted (courtesy Kristian Hasselhuhn)


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