Disposable editorial

Originally published in ‘zine issue #9, 1993

Something I want to mention is that when I said I was going to cross over my ‘zine in issue #7 to hardcore/grindcore, I figured I’d get a bunch of new contacts right away and make the change quickly. Well, it didn’t go that way because I haven’t pursued my goal that much, to be honest. But the constant shit-talking in the scene never ceases to remind me of why I wanted to switch my ‘zine in the first place. There are those bands and ‘zines that are going around, touting the “support the scene” slogan, while they at the same time cut down all the local bands, ‘zines, or fans they can think of. These fake people would rather talk shit than truly build the scene, so when they say “support the scene,” they really mean “support us and fuck everyone else.” ■

The cover of Disposable Underground ‘zine issue #9


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