Inhumation brings death metal with “Ontogeneis”

Inhumation is a death metal band, and that’s clear when one puts on the latest CD, Ontogeneis. What the Maryland band is trying to say with its lyrics isn’t so obvious: “A sleep so cyclopean, where horrent gloom lays ominious” from the title track, for example. Occasionally the lyrics make more sense: “We march as if bound to each other / The precipice looming beneath” from “Rotting Seeds of Praxis.”

The six-song release came out last year, but D.U. only got to see the band play for the first time this month, so writing about it is timely. The guitar riffs are complicated, the vocals are solid, and there’s brutal grooves and crunches on here. There’s bits that can be compared to Misery Index—members of Inhumation are contemporaries of that band. It’s worth looking into; the CD is available at Lost Apparition Records, and three of Inhumation’s releases are on Bandcamp.


J.R. Hayes talked about the band in “Musical Darwinism” back in 2014


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