Here’s your Disposable Underground newsletter for October 16, 2020

Welcome back to the newsletter. Below are some things I’ve been checking out lately and listening to that have come in for review. Enjoy!

Crass is a classic, influential political punk band with a new reissue set coming out called Crassical Collection. The folks over at the punk archive have done a deep dive into the set in a Facebook post.

Jason Netherton

The Other Records is a record store and label run by Jason from Misery Index, pictured here record shopping in D.C. Recently the label updated its website and its storefront in Helsinki and released the tape version of the new Napalm Death album—a feather in the cap I’d say. 

Chaotic Noise ‘zine, by another Jason (Hodges) from the band Suppression, existed in the 1990s and covered a lot of grindcore and other types of underground music. All four issues of the ‘zine have been uploaded for your browsing pleasure.

Phil Hartman was a graphic designer before turning to comedy and designed over 40 album covers, as reported by Fast Company.

Trip down memory lane: the best visitors to a merch booth I was working at Maryland Deathfest in 2014 had to be these two.

woman with baby

The most popular items at the Disposable Underground blog last month, according to our analytics, concern a poll about Pete Sandoval; Bolt Thrower; a Discordance Axis article; two Carcass interviews; a Killing Joke article; Morbid Angel; Assück; and Scorn. 

Recommended listening:
ỌPẸ (Gratitude) by Riddim Doctors, a group playing African rhythm and roots music.

Machine Violence by the industrial metal band Realize. One of the band’s main influences is old Pitchshifter. 

Children of God, that important album in the Swans discography, is being refreshed and reissued


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