Crass releasing “Crassical Collection” and invites fans to remix a Crass album

Seven classic Crass albums are coming back out on October 30 from One Little Independent Records. They’ve been remastered at Abbey Road Studios with new artwork, posters, bonus live tracks, and liner notes by Crass members Penny Rimbaud and Steve Ignorant.

Below is a look at the Best Before 1984 album reissue.

Rimbaud comments in the Crassical Collection press release, “Half the band want it out, while the other half wanted out, but hey, here it is in all its glory.”

Preorders are up now on Amazon:

Best Before 1984
Ten Notes on a Summer’s Day
Yes Sir, I Will
Christ – The Album
Penis Envy
Stations of the Crass
Feeding of the Five Thousand (The Second Sitting)

While all this is going on, Crass has made the original premix tracks from The Feeding of the Five Thousand album available for free download and is inviting fans to remix them. The band will pick out its favorite remixes and assemble them on an album called Normal Never Was, with sales of the forthcoming album going to charity.

Photos: Adrenaline PR



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