Graven “The Filth Will Cleanse” review

D.U.‘s band played a show with Graven in March, and it was a treat, partially because, as the band jokes, they only play one show per season in a year. We were looking forward to seeing what the band had to offer, since three-fourths of Graven is ex-Swarm of the Lotus, and the two are similar in some of the riffs and beats, and the tuning of the guitars (which we found out is G#). Guitars, because Graven doesn’t have a bass player—not that it was needed with this band’s set. The songs were heavy as balls, and showed plenty of crunch, groove and texture. There were a few blast beats as well.

The vocalist crouched low and stuck to a high-end scream, with some back-ups from the rest of the band. This continues on the five songs on the band’s EP. The recording delivers the goods with a punch.

Pick up the EP (so to speak) at the Graven Bandcamp page.


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