Friday promo roundup: June 12, 2020

We get a lot of digital promos at our email address, too many to give proper justice at the blog, but we figure we could at least talk briefly about promos to which we’re not devoting a full blog post. Hopefully some of the below items will strike your fancy.

The 10 items featured this week are 156/Silence, The Devil’s Trade, Entera, Falconer, Mangata, Obscene, Ossuary Anex, Snurfu, Stoned Jesus, and Zombi. OK, let’s hit it!


is an American metalcore band with a self-released album, Irrational Pull, out now on CD and digital. Usually this particular genre isn’t one that D.U. covers, but the band has a striking video for the track “High Dive in a Low Well” from the album:

The Devil’s Trade

from Budapest has a cool, animated video for the track “Dead Sister,” below. The album The Call of the Iron Peak is up for preorder from Season of Mist Records on digital, CD, and LP.


sent out a request for coverage of the band’s new music video for the track “War of the Zombies” off the self-released album Hate Factory. “If you like Lego, zombies, and thrash, then watch it,” the Nuremberg band wrote. D.U. likes all three of those things.


from Sweden plays “folk power metal” and the band’s album From a Dying Ember is up for preorder (digital, CD, and LP) from Metal Blade Records. Below is a promo video for the track “Kings and Queens.”


from the U.S. doesn’t currently have any new music, but has a new pledge to donate all of its earnings to Black Lives Matter and the NAACP. Below is the video for the progressive pop band’s track “Thew the Belladonna” from the Hoshoshi EP.


is an American band with an interesting mix of death metal. There’s some Martin van Drunen in the vocals, and homages to Death and later Carcass in the riffs here and there, among other touches. The Inhabitable Dark is out now on Blood Harvest Records: digital, CD, and LP (photo: ClawHammer PR).

Ossuary Anex

from Russia has the death metal album Obscurantism Apogee coming out on Xtreem Music in September. The interesting single “Firestorm” is below. There isn’t any preorder information out yet, but follow the band on Facebook for updates.


is a Swiss rock band with a video for the track “No Fucks Given” from the forthcoming album Round Two. The band will release the album sometime in 2020.

Stoned Jesus

is reissuing its debut album, First Communion, on Napalm Records, and it’s up for preorder on CD and LP now with a demo track thrown in. The Kyiv band plays in the doom metal / psych stoner / prog rock category, according to its Facebook page (photo: Yuriy Milchak).


is an American instrumental rock band. We’re fans of Zombi around here, and are happy to share the “Earthscraper” video from the album 2020. It’s up for preorder from Relapse Records.

That’s all for this week. Check out our previous promo roundup, and have a good weekend.



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