Fabio Frizzi is back with another soundtrack in “Zombie: Composer’s Cut”

Zombie album centerfold

Classic Italian composer Fabio Frizzi is well known to horror fans from his collaborations with director Lucio Fulci. Frizzi has been keeping busy with touring his soundtracks and updating them for reissue for a while. His latest is Zombie: Composer’s Cut, where he’s re-recorded his original soundtrack and added new elements.

I don’t know how it compares to the original, but this 14-track new version is great. It doesn’t sound moldy like it came from the ’70s, but it has the atmosphere because of the material. It’s out now on Cadabra Records on LP with liner notes and essays included.

The last time I posted about Frizzi, it was for his amazing soundtrack for The Eyes of the Cat.


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