Endmaker releases free EP

Endmaker is the latest band from American Dave, a singer/guitarist we’ve been writing about on and off for years (and made music with). First, he had Left Unsaid. Then, he had Pigeon Down (links below). Endmaker continues on the path set by those first two bands. It’s not exactly “more of the same”; it’s closer to “more music from American Dave”—”DIY heavy music from Houston” as the band describes it.


And if you like listening to his other bands, you’ll like this too: a free four-song Endmaker EP on Bandcamp called House of Butterflies.

It’s got loud guitars, it’s pissed, and it’s got dynamics. Check it out, and follow the band on Facebook.

– Pigeon Down Commonwealth EP
– Pigeon Down/Colombian Necktie split EP
– Pigeon Down Left Unsaid demo



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