Earache is coming out with a new book

Earache Records is releasing a hardcover book, Earache: 35 Years of Noise. Since there’s been so many classic and influential bands from the early days on the label, it should be an interesting read.

Mick Harris, a longtime former Earache artist that had a fraught relationship with the label, has agreed to appear at a book signing to promote it next month:

This is the label’s second attempt at a book. On Earache’s blog, there’s a so-brief-you’ll-miss-it mention from 2019 that the first book, Adapt or Die: 30 Shades of Noise, was never released, although the webpage advertisement for it is still posted.

Adapt or Die lives on as an associated Apple playlist …

… and luckily, the Wayback Machine has come through again: we can read what might be an excerpt (if not the entirety—hard to say) of the Adapt or Die book via a web capture. Enjoy!

Waterstones has Earache: 35 Years of Noise up for preorder.


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