Disposable Underground newsletter for July 6, 2021

Below are music-related news bites that aren’t my Disposable Underground blog. Enjoy!

Misery Index has new collection of tracks called Coffin Up the Nails. The record is out on Friday. The band has a video with details and which features a solid Bolt Thrower cover:

Inner Ear Studios, that recording studio that is so important to Washington, D.C. music, is closing this year, Neal Augenstein writes for WTOP. Studio owner Don Zientara says that he’ll move on to another location with pared-down equipment. “Inner Ear is not going away,” he says in the interview.

Bandcamp held its second annual Juneteenth fundraiser and also reminded its users that Bandcamp Friday, which is great for bands, will continue through 2021.

Meager artist compensation from platforms like Spotify and YouTube, where you need hundreds of thousands or millions of streams per month to make rent, has been written about more and more. Zach Badger makes the point at Hypebot that this is nothing new, as TLC put out a diamond-selling album at the end of the ‘90s and filed for bankruptcy not long after because they were making so little on each album sale. He suggests that Web 3.0 will change all that.

Carcass continues to be on a creative streak with the band’s new album, Torn Arteriescoming out in a few months. The first single is a well-done music video for the track “Kelly’s Meat Emporium.”

Sepultura has a new album, Sepulquartacoming out as well, which is also the name of the fun YouTube series in which the band collaborated with other musicians remotely on new recordings from the Sepultura catalog.

Voivod launched a Kickstarter for the band’s documentary, We Are Connected, the group announced today. The singer, Snake, talked about the documentary briefly in my interview with him for the Disposable Underground blog.

That’s all for now. See you next time.


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