Disposable Underground blog newsletter for June 1, 2021

Below is brief music-related news that’s too short for my Disposable Underground blog. Enjoy and thanks!

Global Grindcore Alliance has released two virtual festivals of the same name, featuring international bands in the grindcore genre, and accompanying compilation albums from the appearing artists. Volume 1.0 and Volume 2.0 albums and merch are on Bandcamp.

A “nanoguitar” was created at a Cornell University facility back in the late 1990s, which I just read about in The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence by Ray Kurzweil. Dustin Carr built a six-string guitar about the size of a single cell out of crystalline silicon. If you “plucked” the strings using an atomic force microscope, “the strings would resonate but at inaudible frequencies.” Larry Bernard has the story at Cornell Chronicle.

(Photo: Dustin Carr, Harold Craighead)

More science-related sounds writings are at the blog.

Billboard handed out music awards last month, and a handful of names kept appearing in most of the categories: DaBaby, The Weeknd, Pop Smoke, Juice WRLD. As for rock music, AC/DC was nominated in three categories.

Shuttered music venues are still an issue in the D.C. region while coronavirus restrictions are lifted and loosened and shows start to slowly come back. Ben Eisendrath turned in a photo essay of some of these venues at the Washington Post: Madam’s Organ, 9:30 Club, DC9, Anthem, Black Cat.

David Lee Roth released a new song, “Giddy-Up,” on the last day of May:

The last time he released a song was Halloween 2020.

Mick Harris of Scorn, Lull, and other electronic projects fired up a Bandcamp page this year and started posting music, the latest being Drones Tones Drifts and Feedbacks Part 1He announced on Facebook that he’ll be adding a classic Scorn live recording to the page on Friday. “Never loud enough never enough bass,” he said in the comments.


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