Disposable Underground blog newsletter: November 13, 2018

Welcome back to the Disposable Underground newsletter. Thanks for the feedback that I’ve received from a few readers. It’s good to hear that a few people are getting a little something out of this.

In the last newsletter I shared video of Unleashed playing Quebec Deathfest. This time I’ve got photos of Grave (like Unleashed, a Swedish death metal band) playing the same festival. The band performed an old-school set of material that if I’m right didn’t go past the first Grave album from the 1980s. Pics are up on the blog Tumblr page.

I often link to the archive website where scans of my old print zine edition of Disposable Underground sits, as in “Here’s an old Napalm Death interview from 1991, in issue #2” and so on. 

The blog has a Facebook page! In the past I used to share blog content from my personal page, but it makes more sense to keep things separate. Check it out and give it a follow if you like on Facebook.

One of the very popular videos at the Disposable Underground YouTube channel is of Anti-Flag playing an inaugural protest in Washington DC in 2017. It seems appropriate to make that the featured video at the blog this week since we had our midterm elections this month.

As usual there’s much more fun-filled content at the blog. I’ll have more info on what’s new next time. Thanks a lot!


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