Disposable Underground blog newsletter: December 21, 2020

Welcome back to the newsletter. Below are some things I’ve been up to and checking out lately. Enjoy and have a good holiday!

Away from the band Voivod has a new website where he’s selling his artwork. Away Art Press will be of interest to fans of his paintings, drawings, and computer art. If you’re a Voivod fan, that probably means you.

Deceased performing

Deceased played the “A Day of Death” festival back in 1990 and, speaking of Voivod, sported a Voivod shirt. There was reminiscing online when the anniversary of the fest came and went in October. More Deceased photos from the fest here at the blog Tumblr page.

Crass, the massively important British punk band, has been in the music news lately for doing a reissue called Crassical Collection. Bandcamp invited the band to walk through and talk about each Crass record, and it’s quite interesting and educational if you’re not up on the details of Crass, like I wasn’t.

Sepultura has been keeping in touch with its fans and keeping its brand alive during COVID-19 with its “SepulQuarta” series of entertaining talks and performances. In the “Q&A” portion of the latest episode, the bandmembers revealed that they’re dropping the series but are going to put out a new record in 2021 consisting of “SepulQuarta” performances. That should be good.

Sam Nardella is a pop rock artist that I’ve previously featured in my Friday Promo Roundups. He’s got a new single available on Spotify called “Through The Need.” Here’s the lyric video. 

Recommended listening:

Hypnovel is the name of a techno record from the 1990s by Mighty Force. I stumbled back on this record when going back over old ‘zine issues of Disposable UndergroundIt’s on Discogs and there’s a playlist of the record on YouTube.

The band Anakin

Anakin (above) is a Weezer-ish heavy rock band whose album came in to the blog years ago. I keep coming back to Anakin’s record, Celestial Frequency Shifter (which the band The Rememberables reminds me of). 

Fishy Pants is the name of the full-length from the grungy band Muzza Chunka, which is another band from the 1990s that I rediscovered through the pages of the ‘zine. Aversionline wrote about the group one time. 


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