Disposable Newsletter, June 1, 2018

Hello! Welcome back to the Disposable Underground newsletter. Here’s what’s happening at the blog this week.

We’ve got not one, but two chunks of Maryland Deathfest content this week. We took a fistful of pics of various bands and also a few interesting people we saw and collected links to them at the blog. This gives a bite-sized view into what the festival looked like.

Here’s the info on the edition of Maryland Deathfest that just came and went. It was a good time hanging out there and getting sore feet. And it’s quite something that this Baltimore institution has been going so long; this one was number XVI. 

This week’s video pick was also inspired by Maryland Deathfest. One of the stage managers at Baltimore Soundstage, one of the clubs where the fest was held, was wearing a Tau Cross shirt, so that band is on the mind. In this featured video from the Disposable Underground YouTube channel this week, Tau Cross is playing a club in Washington DC. 

We’ll have more info on what’s new next time. Thanks muchly.


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