Here’s what’s new in the Disposable Underground newsletter universe: July 23, 2018

Welcome back to the Disposable Underground newsletter. Here’s what’s new.

The Relapse Records Contamination Tour is going to contaminate North America with four death metal bands in a few months. It should be a good time. I’ve got some details about it. 

The featured video this week is of the band Passing Phases. There’s a little story behind this choice: I saw the singer recently when I went to the brewery DC Brau for a Pig Destroyer video shoot, so here’s a video of Passing Phases from a few years ago because of that. 

Now playing: Septic Tank’s Rotting Civilisation is a really fun record. It’s in a retro punk/hardcore style done by guys that have been playing music since the 1980s and maybe even before that. Different songs are in different subgenres, like one in a Motörhead style, and another with a Celtic Frost influence, and another, Discharge.

Now reading: This one just came in the mail this week, so I’m in the middle of digging into it. I always look forward to Decibel magazine showing up.

We’ll have more info on what’s new next time. Thanks a lot!


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