It’s the Disposable Underground newsletter for this week: August 6, 2018

Hello! Welcome back to the Disposable Underground newsletter. Here’s what’s new at the blog this week.

We’ve got a review of the debut album from a D.C. hardcore/grind band called Brainpan. Solid band, solid record. Nice guys, too. The charming album title is Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead.

For a little while I was interviewing musicians about their gear for, and here’s one four pieces the site ran: about Greta Brinkman, the “bass goddess.” More links next time!

More jazz this week for the featured video at the blog. This time it’s the Potomac State College Jazz Ensemble.

Now playing: Abacab by Genesis. I think the title track and songs like “Keep It Dark” and “Dodo/Lurker” tie the record together with a similar theme, while tracks like “No Reply At All” and “Man On The Corner” sound like they came from a Phil Collins solo record. 

We’ll have more info on what’s new next time. Thanks a lot!


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