“Compiling Autumn”: Discordance Axis book and guitar tabs posted online

Andrew Childers blogs at Grind and Punishment, and has interviewed your editor there more than once, but he says perhaps his proudest moment is his book Compiling Autumn: Making Discordance Axis’ The Inalienable Dreamless.

Discordance Axis was an ahead-of-its-time grindcore band, and The Inalienable Dreamless is considered by some to be their masterwork. Decibel Magazine inducted it into their Hall of Fame, and many bands have tried and failed to emulate them, if not take liberal amounts of influence (your editor has taken some measure himself). Metal and grind fans might recognize the names Jon Chang (vocals) from GridLink and Dave Witte (drums) from Municipal Waste, Burnt By The Sun, et al. Rob Marton rounded out the lineup on guitar, and his unique approach was captured, in a different way, with the publishing of some of his handwritten guitar tablature. Andrew posted them at his blog, and they also appear in the extras of the band’s DVD, Pikadourei.

The book version is long since sold out, but, along with the background to the book, Andrew graciously posted the whole thing on his blog in August of 2012. Here also are the links for your reading convenience (and guitar tab links follow):

Part 1: Continuity

Part 2: Grindcore Ninja Commando Team

Part 3: Loveless

Part 4: Jigsaw

Part 5: Typeface

Part 6: I Will Live Forever. Alone.

Part 7: The Third Children

Part 8: Our Last Day

Guitar tabs with commentary from Andrew:

Castration Rite
Use of Weapons
Angel Present
Compiling Autumn
The Necropolitan
A Leaden Stride to Nowhere
Area Trinity/Information Sniper
Radiant Arkham
The End of Rebirth
Pattern Blue
Carcass Lottery
Vertigo Index/Panoptic/Aperture of Pinholes
Aether Scalpel/A Broken Tomorrow/Tokyo/Flow My Tears the Policeman Said
Junk Utopia/Carcass Lottery/Come Apart Together, Come Together Alone/Jouhou
The Inalienable Dreamless

For more info on Discordance Axis, visit their website. You could also do worse than read the Discordance Axis features in the D.U. archives: issue #20 and issue #39.


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