Die Choking EP review

None of the songs on Die Choking’s debut EP crack the two-minute mark. That’s because this is a grindcore band. There’s copious blast beats and speed picking, manic drum rolls, and screams on the vocal mic from these Philly fellas—ex-Total Fucking Destruction, Cop Problem, and Burden. The drummer is really all over the place on this EP, but all the members bring something to the table.

It sounds like these guys take some old death metal influence with their grindcore, and some of the grindcore riffs are high-register, which is a little unusual for downtuned grind. In fact, there’s plenty in these songs that’s unusual, in the way the band puts its songs together.

photo by Dante Torrieri

Die Choking is playing the Philly date of the Decibel Magazine Tour, and D.U. is sure they will satisfy.

Five songs for five bucks at the band’s Bandcamp page. Seems to be money well spent.


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