Cut vinyl records at home in real time with Phonocut

Another entry for the intriguing sound technology file: where before, you could upload an mp3 online and listen to what it would sound like on tape, now some entrepreneurs have introduced a home vinyl recorder, the Phonocut.

Over at Wired, Boone Ashworth interviewed the cofounder of Phonocut and reported that the company’s machine will cut 10-inch vinyl records (at 10-15 minutes of audio on each side) in real time. Phonocut boils down the process as:

  1. Place the vinyl blank on the platter
  2. Connect to the music input of your choice
  3. Press the start button

Phonocut completed a successful Kickstarter and built working models. The company described one of the machine test runs in a photo caption: “Phonocut Vinyl Home Recorder presentation and testcut at the brand new studio of our amazing friends from KCRW Radio. Bringing back the good old days when all radio recordings were directly cut and archived on records.”

The company will deliver the final machines around December 2020. Each one will come with five blank records, and users can buy more, referred to as “blanks,” from Phonocut.

A Phonocut promotional video has more details:

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