Compilations for free download, 2020 edition

Below is our latest round of compilations for free download. Let’s go!

20 Songs for 2020 Spring Sampler is the comp from Frontiers Music SRL, an Italian hard rock label. Head to the Frontiers online shop and sign up for its newsletter at the bottom right to get a link to the files, or crank them on YouTube.

420 Compilation 2020 from Dank ‘n’ Dirty Dubz has been available for free download from SoundCloud from, you guessed it, April 20. On a laptop or desktop (“since the SoundCloud app is pretty wack,” they told us), go to each track, click on “more,” and from there you can download that track. Of course you can just sit back and spin it on SoundCloud or Bandcamp (where it’s for sale for, you guessed it, $4.20).

As We Return… A Metal Compilation from Keeper of Metal is a comp of international melodic metal and prog bands. Interestingly, the comp’s website is packed full of information on each band and the records from which the tracks are selected. It’s streaming on YouTube and the mp3s are available for download from the Keeper of Metal website.

Baked in the Oven Vol. 4: Birthday Cake Bangers is the latest from Concordia University in Montreal, coming from its radio station CJLO 1690AM. The 20 tracks are taken from live sessions from 2016 to 2019 and are described as “not just wild rockers but also slow burners, introspective acoustics, and elegant electronics.” It’s up on Bandcamp.

Coronavirus/COVID-19: Free Bandcamp Sampler—the title says it all. Horror Pain Gore Death’s sampler features 16 bands, including Musket Hawk, which we’ve written about before. “Music fans are living in dark times without the ability to experience live music,” the label writes. As the title suggests, head over to Bandcamp.

Multiverse War Kult: Kaos Reborn MMXVII​-​MMX comes from the label Xenokorp. Patrick Saad writes at Lebmetal that the comp “features the full spectrum of death metal subgenres, from gore, grind, old school, and blackened.” It’s up on Bandcamp.

Orlando’s Own Hip Hop Compilation was curated by local DJ Dizzlephunk and features Orlando-only groups, writes Matthew Moyer over at Orlando Weekly. “I created this compilation as a gift to the people,” the DJ said in the piece. Check it out at the mixtape’s website.

Self-Meditation Sounds is the latest sampler from Prosthetic Records from L.A. The Bandcamp comp “is meant to get you through the highs and lows of the times. Sit back, relax, and take it all in.” Sounds kind of relaxing, although some of the bands won’t have that effect.

Stay the F*ck Home Sampler: Metal For Your Isolation on Asher Media Relations is a 67-track sampler. One of the bands is one we discovered recently, Gorlvsh. The comp is described as having a mix from thrash to death metal to prog and “it’s great background music for duct-taping your kids to the wall.” In any case it’s up on Bandcamp.

Teklife VIP 2020 is a footwork music comp, a style D.U. is unfamiliar with, but all that the Teklife crew requires of you at its website is an email address and you can download the 17-track comp.

That’s all for now. Check out our previous editions of free compilations and blast even more music.



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